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  Highend Plan    (Dual Xeon E5-2620 8x 2,8 GHz / Silicon ValleyDatacenter)
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-> Xeon 5600   [Memory : 24GB(Max192GB)]   [HDD : SAS 2TBx2 RAID1]  

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Datacenter CPU Memory HDD Firewall OS Bandwidth
Datacenter Silicon Valley
Please contact us If you would like more large-capacity HDD.
We will ask you later about the policy settings of Firewall
We provide the latest version of CentOS.
Our bandwidth will be able to withstand high loads. Because it is high-quality 100Mbps(shared).


Domain Annual fee
  Host name (例: www)   Domain name (例:   Contract term
* The customer applying for your domain, please check domain required for pre-domain search of right whether or not available in the new.
* You can put www for host name.

Contract term

Contract term Monthly fee Initial fee
$383 $0
$395 $0
$399 $0
* If your contract is short term, Initial fee should be different.
* If you try 1 month plan at first. And if you cjange plan to 6/12 month plan after that, we do not claim any additional Initial fee.
  Sub total : Monthly fee $383 Initial fee $0

# Customize : Please choose options that you need.

Full managed service

Full managed service
For customers who are anxious about server operation. In addition, Managed options necessary for the case of emergency.

IP Address

IP Address
If you are not enough the IP Address of the above, please contact us.

Control panel

Plesk additional domain Webmin
If Plesk8, you can configure the server from WEB browser screen even the first time.

SSL Certificates   [Recommended]

Encrypts the data that is exchanged over the Internet, It also prevents damage.

Server security service

Run against a specific port Ping command to monitor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year response whether returned to normal.
By updating that is always up to date, you can maintain the security level.

Mail security service

Spam Filter Anti-Virus
Compared to install a mail server on dedicated server within your, you can build an email environment easily.
Our service, Anti-Virus, Spam Filter function comes as standard.
It is possible to prevent the damage of virus mail in Highend.
The Dr.Web, you'll need to use it with PLESK.
Will be rated on a score system spam by analyzing the contents of the mail, definitive edition of mail filter software.
The SpamAssassin, you would have you use it with PLESK.


phpMyAdmin PhpPgAdmin
You can create from the WEB browser on (MySQL) database.
phpMyAdmin, so we are a standard feature if you have selected in the PLESK Control panel, selection is not required.
You can create from the WEB browser on (PostgreSQL) database.
phpPgAdmin, you'll need to use it with PLESK.


Movable Type Word Press Nucleus
Using the Movable Type with a powerful customization features, you can create a blog site just for you.
In Word Press, which is built with PHP / MySQL, I can create a blog site.
A member of more than one if Nucleus, allocation blogging can access login name and separate.


You can start immediately community site do high-performance (portal site).

Shopping cart

Shopping site that can on the browser management and customer products can be operated.


You can measure the efficiency of operations and to share on the Internet contact matter and schedule.

Traffic analysis

You can do the analysis of the detailed information of the WEB site and visitors.
If you have selected in the PLESK Control panel, selection is not required, because it is a standard feature


  Sub total : Monthly fee $383 Initial fee $0

Sub total

Monthly fee $383
Initial fee $0